Produce several YouTube videos that feature Malibu Rum’s new writable rum bottle.  The client was providing the talent in the form of various tattoo artists and fashion designers.

With a very limited brief provided, we set out to create an environment in which best to showcase Malibu Rums new writable bottle product. We wanted to be able to show the entire bottle being worked on from start to finish.  First step was a quick stop at our local kitchen and bath store to acquire a very simple yet effective lazy Susan, which would allow for 360 degree rotation of the bottles. Next up was a suitable studio in which to shoot the production. With some additional set design pieces and our cameras set to time lapse mode we were all set to go.

  • Creative Direction: Concepts
  • Art Direction: Sets, Props
  • Project management
  • Location scouting and permits
  • Filming and crew management
  • Editing and motion graphics
  • Audio production
  • Packaging

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