Film and photograph various Nespresso trade show booths. These booths were set up in various malls to allow customers to sample the many different coffees and espresso machines the company has to offer.  Media gathered from this event would be used to create a sizzle reel of video and photography that showcased customer participation at each event.

Onetrackmind engaged with Nespresso customers at a various events and on the street to produce high-quality imagery and video to be utilized in the company sizzle reel.  All photography and video was captured at 5K digital cinema resolution. Some street scenes were recreated to capture of the essence of the events that the client was unable to capture earlier.

  • Creative Direction: During live events
  • Art Direction: During live events
  • 5k motion photography
  • 5k 35mm film production
  • Editing Photography
  • Packaging

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